ACCEPTED - Aff Warlock / Ret Paladin / Furry warrior

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ACCEPTED - Aff Warlock / Ret Paladin / Furry warrior

Postby am94 » Mon Nov 27, 2017 9:46 am

Personal Info.
First Name : Abhishek
Age :23
Country :India
BattleTag : Shockek#1413

Short biography about you (anything YOU consider valuable):Hello guys :geek: i am in my final year of college and play a ton of games ranging from Ark Dota Rust basically anything competitive catches my eye hehe i aspire to me a game designer one day with steaming as a part time hobby i love making new friends and forming long lasting bonds hit me up anytime for some M+ or fun raids on my btag <3

Your raiding experience. Started my wow journey with Burning crusade back on retail when i was in the 6th or 7th grade i got immidiately hooked to the game but due to poor net connections i reached max lvl and stopped then i started playing on a private server called Molten with a couple of irl friends and managed to become such good friends with them that i still play on retail with them my Retail career started in MoP SOO which i manged to clear full mythic and snaged that sweet kokran juggernaut mount in WoD we made our own guild called Dream which disbanded shortly before HFC which i also managed to clear full mythic but officer ninja my felreaver mount none the less blackhand mount will do <3. In Legion i joined Blacklist and i was the officer there but after some backstabbing and player sniping my guild dibanded while progressing on Cenarius M after which i lost hope in WoW and could not find a home ever since.
Here you will tell us about your raiding experience. Be as detailed as possible we're interested to see that you've been progressing through mythic for at least a full patch and are used to it.
Phase1:- Emrald Nightmare :-Holy paladin 5 M bosses cleared
Phase2:- Nighthold :-Holy/Ret paladin 8 M bosses cleared ELisand 20% progress
Phase3:- Tomb of Soaking:-Ret paladin / Aff warlock 7/9 Bosses cleared hoping to get cutting edge toamrrow with friends =(

Tell us why you left your previous guild.
Disbanded Guild name :- No dedication
Your character(s). Emperór / Scamual / Flaymachine
If you have multiple characters you can play and that are ready for raiding, make one for each of them.
Character : Emperór
Average item level : 945
Armory link: ... per%C3%B3r
Combat logs link:
Experience on character (recent) : 7/9 M
Notable achievements : Healing raidleader , CM full gold mop , CM full gold WoD
Character : Scamual
Average item level : 945
Armory link: ... ak/scamual
Combat logs ... ak/scamual
Experience on character (recent) : 7/9 M
Notable achievements : Healing raidleader , CM full gold mop , CM full gold WoD , Advanced soaker king

Why us ? I have seen you guys withstand the tides of Manaroth and soaks of Avatar without giving up or giving in whithout loosing hope that i want makes u shine and that is what i want from a new home 2 of my friends have joined your guild also namely Rutvikb and Karunp even tho i am noting like them aka ill have 100% 100% attendence wow is priority not any other game my artifact taits on my warrior and warlock are 75 i try hard to push my self i have been playing warlock only since oct 12th when it was created and have very few boss fulls hence average logs with enough pulls i can get gold logs.
Here you can give us a short explanation on what you expect from us and yourself.
I dont expect mush i am open to ciritisim 7/11 indian rasicm apu jokes even tho i sound sexy af.
what you bros can expect from me :-
1.110% raid attendence
2. Communication
3. optimal dps
4. Open to change
5. going gym to keep myself fit
How much work do you put into raiding and what you expect to get out of it. It may be your looking purely for progression, maybe your also looking for a guild with more social inner workings. My goal every expansion is simple get cutting edge on the final tier and try level best to get the juicy mount i dont belive in social ranks may as well role play in Rust or play farmville or actually go outside my house ( no fuk tht ) i put optimal work into what ever charecter i want to main for a tier 5-6 hours on non raiding days.

Please read the topic on link: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=10
Do you agree and understand what you read? Yes or No

GRAND QUESTION :- What class are you applying on :- I am currently applying on my Aff warlock after they killed my ret paladin thx blizzard and i am going to main my Furry warrior as it is no 1 on the simcraft and i love how good the spec actually is i am 3/4 BiS legos on Both my Furry and Aff warlock and have all possible legos on my Paladin

But We are full :- I am not faggot player who will quit or loose interest in the game after 1-2 months into a tier i will continue to play until BFA launch date and i am looking for a place which i can call home until the worst comes 100% loyalty to guild and game thx <3 :arrow: :D

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