ACCEPTED - Shadow Priest - Onkeln

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ACCEPTED - Shadow Priest - Onkeln

Postby Ilwy » Thu Nov 23, 2017 5:19 pm

Personal Info.
First Name : Filip
Age : 20
Country : Sweden
BattleTag : Stenkastarn#2845

Short biography about you (anything YOU consider valuable):
My name's Filip, I'm currently enrolled at Uni. In my sparetime I play games, go to the gym and occasionally hang I'll hang with friends. I've been playing wow since vanilla but I've only really started raiding on a schedule at the end of MoP. I always play for the team and I have always had very close to 100% attendance.

Your raiding experience:
I've been raiding on and off since MoP where I started raiding "mythic", then HC and cleared 14/14 HC in 10man. Fasttrack to this expansion I've cleared 7/7 M, 0/3M, 12/12M and 5/9 M on curve as both a ret paladin and on my SP. I am now excited for Argus.

Tell us why you left your previous guild:
I raided with them for several months and I neve felt at home. I had also been playing a LOT of wow since the start of the expac and I needed a break.

Your character(s).
If you have multiple characters you can play and that are ready for raiding, make one for each of them.
Character :Onkeln
Average item level : 930
Armory link: ... ane/onkeln
Combat logs link: ... ane/onkeln
Experience on character (recent) : 9/9 HC this tier
About the character: It has 11 legendaries and 75 traits.
Notable achievements : Garrosh 10 Man Heroic, Gul'dan M.

Why us ?
I am looking for a guild where I fit in, where people have a passion for progression and take it seriously but can still enjoy some banter inbetween pulls. I am also very fond of the raiding times and you were looking for an SP - Perfect fit :).

Please read the topic on link:
Do you agree and understand what you read? Yes or No
Yes I agree with the points/requirements in the above link and I understand them.

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Re: Shadow Priest - Onkeln

Postby Sidonie » Fri Nov 24, 2017 9:57 pm

Hello Filip, we've talked about your application and can offer you a trial after a quick chat on discord.

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