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Postby Bibo » Sat Nov 04, 2017 10:35 am

Personal Info.
First Name : Bibo
Age : 21
Country : spain
BattleTag : Bibo#21665

Short biography about you (anything YOU consider valuable):

Your raiding experience.
My mythic experience was really smooth this tier till my guild went social i was able to achieve 5/9 mythic and was able to reach 7% on mistress 290+ wipes, but sadly the wipe number 291 was the guild breaker where my ex guild went social. During NH i was able to progress 8/10 mythic.

Tell us why you left your previous guild.
I did not choose to leave my guild, but after the guild disband i had to move on to find a stable guild to progress further more.
Your character(s).

Character : Bibò-DH , Bibox-Druid
Average item level : 944
Armory link: ... /bib%C3%B2
Combat logs link: ... /bib%C3%B2
Experience on character (recent) : Been playing DH since the expansion came out really confident with the class as tank and dps
Notable achievements : can't remember anything atm

Why us ?
Looking at the guild history i was able to see how stable and strong the guild is and being part of such community would be amazing.
How much work do you put into raiding and what you expect to get out of it. It may be your looking purely for progression, maybe your also looking for a guild with more social inner workings.
For me i play wow for the raiding aspect and that feeling of progressing a boss and getting the achievement , i like being social as well but at the same time im always keeping the serious steady performance during both farm bosses and progress, i always push myself more and more and im always trying to learn from others.

Please read the topic on link: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=10
Do you agree and understand what you read? Yes or No

Note: Ive been tanking since legion with swapping to dps few times, i currently have all tank legendaries with few dps legos and im farming them weekly to get bis, im fine with swapping both tank/dps when ever need or being dps with a tank spec ready to go, all i care about is a strong stable guild where i can improve and progress with, i accept criticism and always willing to communicate with others and improve, i also tend to focus on my performance rather than focusing on others mistake idm how my logs or the output is as much doing my job and performing the best that i can to benefit the raid and guild, by that i mean i dont focus on having the highest dps as a tank id rather be more tanky and stable than having high dps but my logs will show what kind of player iam, at the end i would really love to be part of the royal army and progress the upcoming raid and even expansion with the guild.
I hope this was as formal as possible and i didnot forget anything.


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Postby pathe » Sun Nov 05, 2017 10:45 am

Hey Bibo,

Thanks for your interest in joining us. We will be in touch shortly to arrange a quick chat on Discord to discuss some of the details around your application.

In the interim, i should note that we are not currently looking for a MS tank. We are very fortunate to have 2 very good and solid (attendance-wise) tanks that have been playing together for a while now, so adding a 3rd one is not our priority. We are however looking for a DPS DH and having a good tanking OS is always welcome, for those times that we either need 3 tanks for a boss (i.e. Desolate Host); or one of our tanks has to be away for the night.

Let me know if that is okay with you so we can arrange that Discord chat.


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Postby Bibo » Sun Nov 05, 2017 12:27 pm

Thank you for the quink reply i highly appreciate it, yes ofc i understand i dont mind being a 3rd tank/ or offspec tank.
Im bery adaptable and i understand and can work with what im asked to do.

Yes, sure thing im free anytime to have a chat on discord
My discord tag is BiBo#7599 or i can add or contact anyone im asked to.

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