ACCEPTED - Application Niikko

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ACCEPTED - Application Niikko

Postby Niikko » Mon Oct 30, 2017 11:33 am

Personal Info.
First Name : Anna
Age : 37
Country : Latvia
BattleTag : Niikko#2204

Short biography about you (anything YOU consider valuable):

Your raiding experience.
Im raiding sins pandaria:
Soo 11/14 hc 14/14 m (before mythic come out and after)
HM 2/7m
BRF 5/10m
HFC 13/13m
EN 4/7 m
NH 7/10 m
TOS only hc kills

Tell us why you left your previous guild. Our raid group disbanded, its actually same story with all guilds i have been in this epx, haven't been relay lucky :(
Your character(s).

Character : Niikko
Average item level : 934-938 depending on gear im using for current fight
Armory link: ... zak/niikko
Combat logs link: sadly sins i have been on break havent been making much logs, just some pug kills hc
Experience on character (recent) :
Notable achievements : can see all achievements in armory link :)

Noticeable alts:
Anete ilvl 928 ... zzak/anete

Malvine ilvl 929 ... or/malvine ... or/malvine
Why us ?
After being on brake for few weeks would like to start raiding again, looking for stable guild with nice social atmosphere and steady progress, Rutvikb said that you are exactly that kind of guild

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