ACCEPTED - Shaman Enhance - 2 Offspec Ready for Mythic Raiding

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ACCEPTED - Shaman Enhance - 2 Offspec Ready for Mythic Raiding

Postby madboy » Sat Aug 19, 2017 4:42 pm

Personal Info.
First Name : Behrad
Age : 27
Country : Iran
BattleTag :Behrad#2432

Short biography:

as i said my name is behrad , and currently i live in iran , working ? yes i have my own job , but i have alot of free time to play wow and other game , i start play wow from long time ago and enever leave it , playing wow from start of cataclysm on this account
,which type of player im? im the guys who ready for everyday raiding with ready pots/food/flask/rune , i learn any fight quick i mean i watch video or tutorial before fight

currently im playing all shaman specs BUT enhance as main spec so im felixible on Every fight !

and ele/resto as offspec ( every spec have diffrent gear.)

enhance 930 ilvl with 60 trait and almost bis

resto with good gear 926 ilvl 54 trait /good trinkets .. didnt get all legendarys resto im working on it

elemental with good gear 927 ilvl 54 trait / good trinkets .. got all legendarys too

Previous Guild and why did i leave?

im already in a Guild Called : WipeInc

i tried hard in this guild but its not working they are so casual , i dont see any progress here , so i decide to change my guild for mythic progress


alchemy , enchanting got some Lv3 recipes

Where did I hear about The Royal Army?

wowprogress - Kazzak Forum

Your character(s).
i dont have alt but i plan to up and alt if we have spilit run
Character : Thúndèr
Average item level : 930
Armory link: ... r/advanced
Combat logs link: ... metric=dps i know i didnt anything verywell because i never had clear fight i was in a casual guild as i said.
Experience on character (recent) : 1/9 mythic tos -- 9/9 hc tos--6/10 mythic nh

here and screenshot from my ui : ... 003710.jpg

what king of addons im using? DBM - Skada - Weak aura - Fatality ( so instantly i know the reason why i dead ) - exorsus - RCloot - and some persoanal addons like world quest tracker or WQ group finder or pawn , or simulator , ... etc i disable personal addons meanwhile im rading


i can come anytime tell me to come ( i mean if even we have extra raids or mythic plus farming or gear up some alts )

Why us ?
im expect more raid and more , looking for mythic progress tos and beyond ... - near 100 percent raiding attended

pC info: PC info : Core i7 6700k - 16 gig ram , Playing wow on SSD not normal harddrive , 1060 graphic card

i got 100+ fps all the time , i have 2 stable internet anyway i have two its mean 1 for back up so i dont have internet problem and i never had

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