ACCEPTED - Allarii - Havoc Demon Hunter

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ACCEPTED - Allarii - Havoc Demon Hunter

Postby allarii » Sat Aug 19, 2017 2:30 am

Personal Info.
First Name : Amir
Age : 18
Country : Iran
BattleTag : HellBear#2390

Short biography about you (anything YOU consider valuable):

Hello ! My name is Amir Hossein living in the middle-east Iran ( Wait a sec I'm, not terrorist or bomber ). 18y old and recently graduated from high school. Love to joke and laugh with other friends and I'm turning most of the sad faces to smiley ones!. Interested in Warcraft Lore and really love to know everything about lore and story behind the events
As my self, I can provide Near 100% Attendance, Professional Raiding as a DPS, Gathering information about the fights for my self and even for guild such as WA and Tricks, Active and full of positive vibes all the time
Your raiding experience. Experienced Long Days and Nights In Progressing Even with PTR testing.
My Resources is Talking with top ranked and high demon hunters in Blizzard App ( Most of them from best guilds of World ) - Analyzing the 100 % Logs - Testing the changes in Raids and Analyzing the logs of them - Reading the comments and Reddit for other people thoughts.
I like a guild with This kind of Actions: Active guild even out of Progress with Clearing M+ and Boost Runs - Society with sense of humor - Attendance of Raiders - Reasonable Benching
A screenshot of my UI:
PC Spec:

Your raiding experience.

MoP: SoO Full Cleared - ToT Normal Cleared ( My first experience )
WoD: HM Full Cleared - BRF Full Cleared - HFC Full Cleared
Legion: EN Full Cleared - NH 9/10 M - ToS 9/9 HC - 1/9 M

About Guild, i have a rich experience in Hardcore mythic raiding guilds Like <Nova> in ragnaros As an Alt helped my friend There.
I'm Recently Moved from Ragnaros to Kazzak Btw so u can find my logs even in Ragnaros.

Your character(s).

(Main ) Allarii - Demon Hunter - Havoc ( used to play veng earlier like EN ) - 924/929 - 60 Traits
Allarii Experience: 9/10M 9/9HC 1/9M
Allarii Armory:
(Alt) Mandruid - Balance Druid - 890 ( New Alt ) - 49 Traits
Mandruid Armory:
Mandruid Experience: Nothing
(Alt) Achilles - Arms Warrior - 922 - 54 Traits ( Still in Ragnaros Realm but I can move it at any time )
Achilles Armory:
Achilles Experience: 9/9HC 10/10HC

As a Notable Achievement, I killed Garrosh HC 25Man, Improtor Mythic, Black Hand Mythic, Archimonde Mythic, Xavius Mythic, Nearly Killed All of the Bosses of NH in Mythic Difficulty.

Why us?

As I get to Kazzak Realm I searched every guilds in wow progress who need the Demon Hunter on their Roster I find your guild good and useful because of my desires and I find them in your guild.
As another reason: im spending a lot of time in this game for proving myself as a decent raider So I can see your guild helpful for my way!
Feel free to ask me any kind of question, I hope u impressed already!

Please read the topic on link: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=10

Im Agree with 100 % for your rules because I already read all of them when I'm Leaving an apply there.

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