ACCEPTED - Rostiljsko Enha shaman

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ACCEPTED - Rostiljsko Enha shaman

Postby Rostiljsko » Thu Aug 10, 2017 5:51 pm

Personal Info.
First Name : Milan
Age : 24
Country : Serbia
BattleTag : Zivko#1687

Short biography about you (anything YOU consider valuable):

:D wow this is hard to say because in many different cultures word ,,valuable'' is different. I work in chinese company in my country as one of officers in production (Foundry- tough guy). Reason of playing game is to relax, my hobbies are wrestling,paintball,airsoft ...

Your raiding experience.

My raiding experiance can be made in two groups.
Legacy servers raiding i won't mention here because this is real deal.
On retail servers i started during MoP did some normals on character that i dont play anymore, started playing but i couldn't affordit to pay it so i stop. When i got real job with good incommings i return back to Warlords expansion ,as i was new to retail servers and gameplay i was looking for my language speaking guild so they can help me in future progress. During my progress as player i was getting higher and higher goals ,guild recognized efforts and gave me trial and chance to join as backup. Unija was my first guild and made first steps into serious raiding cleared HFC HC and did Mythic progress with guild but didn't manage to obtain kill :D since i was backup. Later during expansion i went to China to specialization in my job. At december of last year i returned and guild was disbanded. After that i joined Depleted guild which had core mostly from ex guildies and it disbanded aswell after done HC clearing in NH ,than guild merged with Just Too Cool and we made progress into NH tier 7/10 (personal was 6/10) we had problem to find ppl for raids and low attendance ppl i was raider rank in guild one with most attendance and again this guild disbanded and mostly ppl moved to Génesis where i cleared ToS HC and 1/9 M with 4% Harjatan progress (it was during my period) that guild disbanded again :D since balkans are terrible at leadership. My current guild is Ðivinium new guild that had potential but people runed up yesterday after few wipes on maiden HC so i made my decision to change raid envirement letting raid leader know to im leaving. In all guilds i was raiding my attendance was almost 100% with sometimes not attending 1 or 2 raids per month based on irl situations.

Your character(s).

Character : Rostiljsko
Average item level : 926
Armory link:
Combat logs link: ... rostiljsko[url][/url]
Experience on character (recent) : 9/9 HC 1/9 M 6/10 NH M
Notable achievements : Curve

I prefer to play one character at maximum potential i have tank alt to help friends or guildies mythic + dungeons.
Also on Rostiljsko i killed first boss on mythic as healer (not best but helping when guild needs)

Why us ?
Here you can give us a short explanation on what you expect from us and yourself.
How much work do you put into raiding and what you expect to get out of it. It may be your looking purely for progression, maybe your also looking for a guild with more social inner workings.

I expect from myself to be consistant raider with high attendance and to make good progress in this patch. To be always prepared maximum for raid ( i empty my head with other problems before raid so it doesnt affect my performance). From guild idk what to expect to get chance at least im very patient person and guild that won't disband and where i can stay at long term.

Please read the topic on link:
Do you agree and understand what you read? Yes or No
Yes i did,rules are made to be respected and to keep system under control.

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