ACCEPTED - Enhancement Application (With DH Friend)

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ACCEPTED - Enhancement Application (With DH Friend)

Postby blinkk » Sat Jul 22, 2017 2:41 pm

Personal Info.
First Name : Ben
Age : 27
Country : UK
BattleTag : blinkk#21915

Short biography about you (anything YOU consider valuable):
Generic UK guy who is into multiple things. Lead most a competitive lifestyle. Heavily into fitness, studying work a 9-5 job which i actually enjoy (who'd of thought?!). Other hobbies are snowboarding and socialising when the time is needed. Obviously i am also heavily into Gaming.

Your raiding experience.
(in the guild links, check previous tiers for real progression kills)
Pwnanza ( Main raider. Cleared Nax, Ulduar, TOC, ICC, BOT, and Conclave prenerf before next tier. Freya+3 was cleared Pre stealth nerf (world 50 or something)
Last resort ( Main Raider. Cleared tier 1 of Cata with them.
SSC Crew ( Raider leader / Officer. Tier 1 in warlords and tier 1 in Leigon Prenerf. (me raidleading calling) (me raidleading calling) MY POV raidleading. (also original "blinkk" name before ban as explained same as Pwnanza)
XEON ( Trial, Got banned for 6months for botting.

First two guilds i left due to study, SSC crew is a guild of real life friends who form for the first tier of each expansion only.
Your character(s).
Blinkkxo (previously Blinkk, Blinkkx)
If you have multiple characters you can play and that are ready for raiding, make one for each of them.
Character : Blinkkxo
Average item level : 906
Armory link: ... k/blinkkxo
Combat logs link: ... analytical ... amage-done (orange ilevel percentile) ... pe=summary ... m#fight=35 ... pe=summary ... amage-done
Experience on character (recent) :
Been raiding on and off since BC as enhancement.

Notable achievements :
World top 100 finish for Nax, Ulduar. world 50 ish kill inside of ulduar. Every tier 1 prenerf cutting edge.

Why us ?
You look like the hardcore casual laid back fit i want to mingle into with a friend now. My hardcore 7day a week time is over.
A Raid enviroment where we both get what we want. I want to come to raids feeling like i want to be there and surrounded by likeminded people who want to progress. In return i can offer you total dedication for the agreed alloted times and extra when needed.

How much work do you put into raiding and what you expect to get out of it. It may be your looking purely for progression, maybe your also looking for a guild with more social inner workings.
I put in what you would expect form someone who is serious about progressing and utilizing every ounce of the small raid time frame given. The usual given things (flasks, pots etc) alongside with the constant farming for BiS gear. Also, i have alot of experience with SImC stat weights and theorecrafting. I also helped build the BIS stat/rotation list within the Circle of shamans who sit in the Earthshrine discord some time ago. The same happens each expansion, extensive research is always done. I would also like a guild where there is a social enviroment, most hardcore top tier guilds were raid loggers, i found in pwnanza the higher we got the more we raid logged.
To note, i will be applying with "Sludgepipe" I expect us to both fight independantly of our spot, but i would like to join along side him. He is one of the reasons i stil play.

Please read the topic on link: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=10
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