ACCEPTED - Application - Subtlety Rogue [Stinth]

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ACCEPTED - Application - Subtlety Rogue [Stinth]

Postby Stinth » Sun Jul 16, 2017 10:29 pm

Hey "The Royal Army"
Here is a little information about me.

Personal Info.
First Name : Malthe
Age : 20
Country : Denmark
BattleTag : CrucialPain#2847

Short biography about you (anything YOU consider valuable): I try to always be prepared to the best of my ability, wether that be with consumables or knowledge of the encounter ahead of us. I do my best to troubleshoot my own errors and speak up to help come up with solutions to strategic difficulties on bosses if I feel that I have something constructive to say. Additionally I know to respect a call regardless if I agree or not and follow through with it fully. I understand that things can get heated during progress, but I always try to keep my head cool and focused on our end goal of defeating the boss.

Your raiding experience.
Here you will tell us about your raiding experience, what guilds you've been a part of and what positions you've filled within those guilds.

Early WoD (Highmaul, BRF):
"Hivemind" - A guild of friends that progressed through Highmaul and BRF Normal and HC. We were on a very low-pop server and combined powers with another guild to kill the first boss in Mythic Highmaul as well before BRF was released. In this guild I played Disc Priest and was responsible for calling out specific things on a couple of fights.

Late WoD - Beginning of Legion (EN, HoV):
"Sunnmoringene" - A casual and friendly guild that progressed through EN and HoV Normal and HC. We were struggling with recruitment and filling up the roster completely, but managed to kill Nythendra Mythic. This guild is where I know Zuperwoman from. In this guild I played Assassination Rogue and my responsibilities varied from core raider calling out certain mechanics to raidleader.

"Elective Amnesia" - A semi hardcore guild that I switched to in hoped of progressing further and faster and not being help back by lack of recruitment. With this guild I killed Nythendra, Ursoc and Elereth Renfarrel on Mythic before eventually taking a break from wow entirely.

Mid Legion (NH, ToS):
"Sense" - A two day raiding guild that aimed at semi hardcore clearing of content through efficient and concentrated raiding. I joined this guild after coming back from my break at the beginning of NH and progressed with them through Mythic killing 7/10 and attempting to kill Star Augur. As ToS launched I also progressed with them through Heroic ToS and it became increasingly apparent to me that a lack of structure and consequence and general player skill was holding back the guild. I liked the raiding group for the most part and wanted to stick with them, but as I saw no attempts at fixing the issues other than telling our raiders to step up, I eventually concluded that if I wanted serious progress I had to find a new home. With "Sense" I killed 9/9N, 8/9HC and 1/9M.

Your character(s).
Character : Stinth
Average item level : 923 Equipped
Armory link: ... zak/stinth
Combat logs link: ... metric=dps
Experience on character (recent) : 7/10M NH, 8/9HC 1/9M ToS

Why us ?
In my search for a new guild and home I reached out to a friend of mine, Zuperwoman, cause I've been raiding with him in the past and I knew he was still raiding at a level similar to what I am looking for. He told me to apply here and after checking out "The Royal Army" on both wowprogress and warcraftlogs I can certainly say that this guild sounds like what I am looking for and a place I would like to call home.
Expectations: I expect a good mix of fun and serious raiding environment, where progress is our goal and the road to it is enjoyable for everybody. From me you can expect a stable and dedicated raider, that always tries to improve on my own performance and knowledge. I would not ever feel comfortable attending a raid unprepared
and expecting to get told what to do every step of the way. I strongly believe that good preparation for raiding is the most optimal way to shave down progress time.

Please read the topic on link: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=10
Do you agree and understand what you read?
I have read and understood the topic linked. And completely agree with the rules and guidelines. It is completely unacceptable not to attend without any prior information being delivered in good time.

Hope to hear from you.
Best regards
Malthe aka Stinth

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Re: Application - Subtlety Rogue [Stinth]

Postby Zuperwoman » Sun Jul 16, 2017 10:41 pm

Glad to see you finnished the App :D !!! Hope to see you in here :) !!.
According to the skill level of you, I wish u the best of luck with this application :) !

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Re: Application - Subtlety Rogue [Stinth]

Postby Sidonie » Mon Jul 17, 2017 3:36 pm

Accepted as trial. Whisper any of the officers when you are ready for a guild invite :)

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