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ACCEPTED - Retribution Paladin Application

Posted: Sun Jun 18, 2017 5:00 am
by Fngall
Personal Info.
First Name : Geedo
Age : 22
Country : saudi arabia
BattleTag : Metalgear#2921

Short biography about you (anything YOU consider valuable): long time gamer who just started going semi hardcore into world of Warcraft on legion Expansion

Your raiding experience.
i was very Casual player in wod Expansion so i didn't do much raiding there but in legion i started to get into it so i started in few guilds low experience same with the guilds going slow and easy to gather what i can to be a batter team player so i would say not a veteran experience but learning fast

Your character(s).
Fngall Retribution paladin , i have a rogue and warrior not high ilvl but willing to gear them up if needed for raiding team rather then just paladin
Character : Fngall
Average item level : 906
Armory link: ... zak/fngall
Combat logs link:
Experience on character (recent) : i have played Retribution paladin all legion Expansion mostly foucsing on improving my dmg and survival Tactics
Notable achievements : nothing i know of ;)

Why us ?
Well every raider need a guild and you seems nice at least what i expect and for me i'm willing to go The extra mile for the progression i care less about the loot unless it gonna help me perform batter on the raiding progression ,i also care about the teamwork and Getting along with Peoples ;)

Do you agree and understand what you read ? yes i do

Re: Retribution Paladin Application

Posted: Sun Jun 18, 2017 9:58 am
by Sidonie
Hello Geedo,

Thank you for your application. We can give you an answer this Monday when he have a chance to discuss it.