ACCEPTED - onlajN Retribution Paladin.

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ACCEPTED - onlajN Retribution Paladin.

Postby Ampen » Fri Jun 09, 2017 3:35 pm

Personal Info.
First and last Name : Daniel Thiesen
Age : 25
Country : Denmark
BattleTag : Thiesen#2192 (friends with respawn on #btag)

Short bio:
Hey my name is Daniel Thiesen. I'm 25 years old.
I live in Denmark with myself and I.
Daily I'm going home and searchin for a new job. before that I was makin windturbines.
I'm searchin for new challenges. Positive minded.

Paladin tank in Cata. 10 man raidin.
Resto shammy in mop. 10/25/20 man raiding + some Highmaul bosses

If you have multiple characters you can play and that are ready for raiding, make one for each of them.
Character : onlajN
Average item level : 907
Armory link:
Combat logs link:
Experience on character (recent) : Retribution(spec) and nighthold 6/10.
Notable achievements :

Alt/old main:
Character : Ampen
Average item level : xxx
Armory link:
Combat logs link: (SoO)
Experience on character (recent) : I have no experience in Legion on this char.
Notable achievements: Endless healer wave (30) Hellscream (10/25/20) Man.

Why us ?
The reason I am applying is more than just a raiding team, I am looking for a place to call "home". when I came across your page on wowprogresss I decided this was the place I felt had what I've been looking for, not just semi-hardcore raiding, but also community. Which is why I without hesitation will move to Kazzak.

I am mature, drama free. Vocal when its needed. Im so bad at this can we skip this? please :?
I'm a nice guy

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Re: onlajN Retribution Paladin.

Postby Sidonie » Fri Jun 09, 2017 4:48 pm

As far as i'm concerned i'm more than happy to give you a trial but going to discuss your application with the other officers first, and get back to you by Sunday. In the mean time if you have any questions you'll find me on battlenet.

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Re: onlajN Retribution Paladin.

Postby Morggause » Sun Jun 11, 2017 1:43 pm

We should auto accept people who play Blood Elf anyway. :mrgreen:

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