DECLINED - 906 Frost DK

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DECLINED - 906 Frost DK

Postby Iszkander » Thu May 04, 2017 11:15 pm

Personal Info.
First Name : Iszkander(Daniel RL name)
Age : 26
Country : Hungary
BattleTag : Iszkander#2187

My Raiding Experience is outdated because from BC since NOW the Boss mechanism as been changed a lot ,but i did rading in the end of bc and semi hardcore rading From Naxx till Dragon Soul.When i heard that Pandas are comming in the next exp i am basically stop playing in Live servers and i moved to varius private servers,played some other online games ect...

But 6-7 months ago at the pre launch i made a new account (since i log in in my prev e-mail addres ) AND i am Came back to the game .I did everything what a possibly could in a low pop server and i am moving to Kazzak atm to find Guild where i can spend my time , not wasting it like my current one .

Even with in my current Guild i showed up ever time regardless time or how many ppl was online at that time .
I want to continue this in an active Guild-

Character : Iszkanderus
Average item level : 906
Armory link: ... rus/simple

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Re: 906 Frost DK

Postby Sidonie » Fri May 05, 2017 9:57 am

Hello Iszkander,

I really would have liked a dk in our team, but you didn't take the time to properly write your application.

Which is somewhat important as it provides us with first impressions on what kind of person/potential raider we're inviting. From what you wrote all i can tell is that you have a hard time expressing yourself and that you have no experience in the current content , despite the fact that the logs you failed to include say you cleared 4/10M ... 339/latest

For the reasons i mentioned we're declining the application.

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