ACCEPTED - Décimate - Outlaw Rogue

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ACCEPTED - Décimate - Outlaw Rogue

Postby Décimate » Thu May 04, 2017 8:09 pm

Personal Info.
First Name : Tom
Age : 21
Country : England
BattleTag :Tom #24587

Short biography about you (anything YOU consider valuable):
Student studying sports journalism. Just a chill dude who enjoys playing video games and watching sport.

Your raiding experience.
Here you will tell us about your raiding experience, what guilds you've been a part of and what positions you've filled within those guilds.

Started playing in TBC but first started raiding in WoTLK during ICC managed to clear a few bosses on heroic I think I was playing on a Shaman, the guild disbanded while waiting for Cata. During then and Legion I played off and on never joining a raiding guild again because other hobbies took over, however, I did pug a lot during this time and I raided pretty much every tier on various classes. However, in Legion I decided to stick with my rogue and joined an okay guild we cleared Heroic EN but couldn't progress because other raiders weren't good enough and some stopped playing after a month in. I Then joined a guild progressing Mythic and cleared Mythic EN getting the Cutting Edge achiev but only got 2/3 in TOV, took the guild too long to clear Heroic NH because a lot of raiders failed to turn up regularly and poor recruitment meant we only got Skopryon Mythic down before the guild disbanded, I took an extended break to focus on finishing my university studies and because I was frustrated the guild didn't show more desire to clear Mythic quicker.

Your character(s).
If you have multiple characters you can play and that are ready for raiding, make one for each of them.
Character : Décimate - Outlaw Rogue
Average item level : 903
Armory link: ... e/advanced
Combat logs link: ... artition=1

Experience on character (recent) : Cutting Edge EN and Ahead of the Curve on TOV and NH, Skopryon Mythic kill.
Notable achievements : Cutting Edge Xavius as well as Curve TOV and NH. May not be the best but felt important because I took the decision to leave my previous guild and felt vindicated.

Why us ?
Here you can give us a short explanation on what you expect from us and yourself.
How much work do you put into raiding and what you expect to get out of it. It may be your looking purely for progression, maybe your also looking for a guild with more social inner workings.

Want to get back into raiding and with a team that takes it more seriously and are more determined to clear the instance than the last couple I have experienced. Would love to get the cutting edge achiev before Tomb comes out.

I will consistently turn up for raids give 100% every night without bringing a negative vibe or abusive attitude. I always look to improve myself each raid as well as enjoy it as much as possible. Doing good DPS is always a positive but my first thought is always to complete the mechanics of the fight so we can down the boss and progress. I take raiding seriously and I do rank progression over a social aspect but I enjoy both aspects the game and guilds offer, and look forward to getting to know the people of the guild if I am accepted.

I understand I may be a little more inexperienced than what you are looking for but I am sure that if I was given the chance I could show you that my ten years playing this game has been well spent and that I would help the guild progress. Thanks for reading!

Please read the topic on link: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=10
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Re: Décimate - Outlaw Rogue

Postby Sidonie » Fri May 05, 2017 9:29 am

Thank you for applying , will discuss it with the other officers and get back to you later today or tomorrow at the latest

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Re: Décimate - Outlaw Rogue

Postby Sidonie » Sat May 06, 2017 9:24 am

We've talked about your application and decided to offer you a trial. Will contact you in-game.

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