DECLINED - Imprecor - Havoc Demon Hunter

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DECLINED - Imprecor - Havoc Demon Hunter

Postby Imprecor » Tue Apr 18, 2017 10:20 pm

Personal Info.
First Name : Marios
Age : 20
Country : Greece
BattleTag : Marioskon#2468

Short biography about you (anything YOU consider valuable): I am a computer science student currently at my 3rd year of university, planning to work on robotics in the future. I have been studying classical music for the past 13 years, started out as a hobby, but atm I'm almost at the point of taking my diploma on classical guitar. In my free time I am a consistent WoW player, keeping up to date with everything concerning my class. I would also describe me as a calm person, up for discussion concerning any matter I can be helpful to others.

Your raiding experience.
Here you will tell us about your raiding experience, what guilds you've been a part of and what positions you've filled within those guilds.

My (serious) raiding experience started this expansion. I have been playing casually all those previous expansions, but I've taken up mythic raiding this expansion. My progress so far is 5/10 mythic Nighthold bosses almost being 6/10, while have watched my past guild's (Order of Sargeras) progression on Tichondrius. I was on Tarren Mill in a guild called Kill guides. I left because of the bad raiding environment and bad progress. Then I transferred to Kazzak because an irl friend invited me to join Order of Sargeras. Unofrtunately the guild stopped raiding mythic because of lack of players. Currently I'm in a guild called Echo of Sylvanas. The environment here and the people are really good, but we're having the same problem with lack of players and the leader announced that we'll stop raiding.

Your character(s).
If you have multiple characters you can play and that are ready for raiding, make one for each of them.
Character : Imprecor - Kazzak, Havoc Demon Hunter
Average item level : Ilvl shown is 913 - single target ilvl (908) - aoe ilvl (909)
Armory link: ... cor/simple ( I also have the legendary belt for ultra single target and short fights and the legendary head for aoe situations)
Combat logs link: ... 45/latest/ (Logs aren't particularly good due to bad and unlucky dcs. Atm my connection seems to be ok)
Experience on character (recent) : My experience on this character at its top I would say. I've been playing only havoc demon hunter since the start of the expansion and I'm following all the new in mmo-champion forums, ownedcore, discord and watching Fragnance's stream when he's playing DH.
Notable achievements : I don't completely understand what you mean by notable achievements, but concerning rading achievements I don't have notable ones, although I'm up for trying any of them.

Why us ?
Here you can give us a short explanation on what you expect from us and yourself.
How much work do you put into raiding and what you expect to get out of it. It may be your looking purely for progression, maybe your also looking for a guild with more social inner workings.

I chose you because your progress is almost similar to mine to begin with. I hope for a friendly environment while being focused on progressing nicely in Nighthold. I would say I can offer good dps while executing any tacts thrown at me if need be. I also don't mind being benched for the sake of progress.

Thank you very much for taking the time to review my application.

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Re: Imprecor - Havoc Demon Hunter

Postby pathe » Wed Apr 19, 2017 7:51 am

Hi Marios,

Thanks for the detailed application and for your interest in joining us. However, we already have 3 active Demon Hunters and adding a 4th will simply be too much.

We could offer you to join us as a social member and part-take in our HC runs, with the outlook to potentially get a spot in our Mythic roster, should the circumstances allow. It is of course your prerogative to continue your search for a guild where you can raid from the get-go and we respect that

Feel free to let either myself or Sidonie know if you have any questions.


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