ACCEPTED - Zetsumai - Shadow Priest Application

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ACCEPTED - Zetsumai - Shadow Priest Application

Postby Zetsumai » Fri Mar 24, 2017 1:04 am

Personal Info.
First Name : George
Age : 22
Country : South Africa

Short biography about you : Gaming has been one of my main hobbies my entire life and recently picked up WoW in 2015 where I've been Mythic raiding since HFC and loving it!

Your raiding experience:

Began playing WoW in 2015 after having previously played and raided in a number of other MMOs. Joined the guild "Glory" on Lightbriner-EU and cleared 13/13M HFC with them. Here is a link to those logs : ... 0757509/8/

Once Legion hit in 2016 "Glory" as a guild had high hopes with our team and our aim was to maintain a Top 1000 going into Legion. Things quickly fell apart with leadership and drama issues and ended clearing 4/7M EN before transferring to Horde. Here is a link to those logs : ... 757509/10/

Transferred to a top 500 2 night raiding guild named "Operation Eskimo" on Ragnaros. Cleared 7/7M and 1/3M with them before re-rolling Priest. Here is a link to those logs : ... 461286/10/

After having reached 54 traits and a reasonable iLvl on my Priest I joined "Dont Release" and have done 4/10M with them with 2 nights progression on Spell Blade of which I can say I know the fight backwards at this stage though I imagine different guilds use different tactics. The logs on my Priest are not the impressive as I have been -10ilvls behind most Mythic raiders though if you look at the iLvl percentages they are pretty decent with a 100% percentile on the Krosus kill for my ILvl at the time. Here is a link to those logs : ... 592/latest

Character : Zetsumai
Average item level : 896-900 (Depending on trinkets)
Armory link: ... i/advanced
Combat logs link: ... 592/latest
Experience on character (recent) : 4/10M, About 6 hours on Spell Blade getting to Arcane Phase before nerf.
Notable achievements : 13/13M HFC, 7/7M EN.

Why us ?
Looking for a guild that has stable leadership to raid with forever and call home within the game. For me having a nice guild is the most important thing in WoW and contributing to that community brings me enjoyment within the game.Royal Army is about the same in Mythic Progression in The Nighthold where "Dont Release" was and I am super keen to get back into Mythic Progression as soon as possible as it is extremely enjoyable for me to find and tackle new problems in terms of mechanics or optimizing my DPS output in general and on high-priority adds that are causing wipes. I put the maximum amount of effort into raiding in terms of simulating stat weights to optimise gear, learning mechanics beforehand and watching replays on Warcraftlogs on how top Priests handle their CD management. Outside of raids you can normally find me doing M+ or playing on alts and I enjoy talking in guild chat or discord about almost anything.

Please read the topic on link: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=10
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Re: Zetsumai - Shadow Priest Application

Postby Sidonie » Fri Mar 24, 2017 7:59 am

Hello George, thank you for applying . We will discuss it and get back to you in a couple of days at most.

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