ACCEPTED - Zondermor/Thegame Demon Hunter/ Holy Paladin

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ACCEPTED - Zondermor/Thegame Demon Hunter/ Holy Paladin

Postby Zondermor » Fri Feb 10, 2017 5:41 pm

Personal Info.
First Name : Yanislav
Age : 25
Country : Bulgaria

My biggest hobby is gaming. For the last few years I've been playing mainly WoW and HearthStone. Besides that I like TV series, movies and construction engineering.

My raiding experience.
My current guild managed to clear 7/7 Mythic EN in the previous tier.
In WoD I raided as ench Shaman during Highmaul tier.
Before that the bulk of my raiding experience was during WotLK and TBC era on my alliance holy paladin. I manged to kill all the bosses but the last ones (Kil'Jaedan/Arthas HC/Halyon HC) but not in a timely manner.

Character : Thegame
Average item level : 896 equipped
Armory link:
Combat logs link: ... metric=hps
Experience on character (recent) : 9/10 NH HC; 1/10 M (don't ask )
Notable achievements : Not Ahead of the curve: Gul' Dan.

Character : Zondermor
Average item level : 891 equipped
Armory link: ... /Zondermor
Combat logs link: ... 32/latest/
Experience on character (recent) : 4/10 HC NH

Why us ?

I'm looking for a stable and structured raiding environment. I also have played with a good bunch of your current members and I feel you guys have team spirit going.

I'm a dedicated player. Both my DH and Paladin are mythic ready with at least one spec maxed out. I've been switching my main twice this expansion in order to get accepted in previous guilds and I'm willing to do so again. I feel that I'm flexible enough to fill both a melee dps or healing spot. Switching to tank is an option too in case you need a 3rd tank or one of yours is missing.

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