ACCEPTED - Sphex - Sin Rogue

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ACCEPTED - Sphex - Sin Rogue

Postby Sphex » Fri Dec 09, 2016 11:02 am

First Name : Morten
Age : 25
Country : Denmark

Short biography about you (anything YOU consider valuable):
As Person: i am a relaxed guy, who is always up for something fun. :) atm i am studying as a kinder garden teacher, so that is what im spendin my time on, other then wow :)

As Char: My goal for my char, is always to improve and be better for my char, but also for my team. I always tryin to get better in any way possible, and i use alot of time reading alot of stuff and tryin it out on my own char, to feel it.

I raid for the fun aspect as progression as a team and a guild. My goal is to reach the same goal as all other raiding in a team, like loot and personal achievement, i always just see as a bonus, since teamwork and team effort is way more valuable to me.
Ill always try to make raiding a fun time, instead of a "work time".

Your raiding experience.
Well i can write a whole roman here, but ill keep it simple. I started out as a Resto shaman in Vanilla. I changed to Enhancement shaman in TBC, and stayed that for a long time, undtil i changed to DK in Ulduar. Ive played DK since then, and stopped at it when panda came out and i played WW monk. But Basically i always played melee, and that is what i am specialized in. As i play Rogue now :)
As for Vanilla to Catalysm i raided all the tiers and killed bosses on high level.
When panda / WoD came out, i was on and off, but i came back into HFC Mythic, and raided the last 5 month of WoD.
In Legion i cleared EN Normal & HC. I cleared 5/7 in EN Mythic.
Also ive killed Odyn and Guarm on HC.
I played alot of mythics aswell, and got the achievement for 10+´completed.

Your character(s).
If you have multiple characters you can play and that are ready for raiding, make one for each of them.
Character : Sphex (Assassins Rogue)
Average item level : Equipped 881/882 - overall i am at 888. I am "low" because i am running with 3x Vendetta Relics, for better dps. Dps > Ilvl for my rogue.
Armory link: ... hex/simple
Combat logs link: ... 410810/10/
Experience on character (recent) : i played rogue in WoD HFC Mythic and ive been focusing on my rogue since Legion came out. EN Mythic 5/7 - ToV HC 2/3. Mythic+ cleared 10+
Notable achievements : hmm .. i got Server First, Yogg Saron - So runnin around with my "Death Demise" title. :)

Why us ?
I am choosing you, since i know Sosmashy and Millsy. Ive been raiding with em for a long time, before Legion, and been friends since forever.
Also ive picked you, since you are close to the same level of experiance i am, atm on kills (i know u guys are better then what ive killed already, but we are close).
Also i heard from the 2 guys, that you a good guild, where the social also has a role in everyday fun and in raiding. That is what i am looking for. I am no robot, just playin to get highter ilvl, but i play for the aspect of havin fun together with alot of other people, and get the same goal :)

Ive played with a few of u guys before in mythics + where we had good fun :)

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