Raiding with <The Royal Army> (read if you are applying)

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Raiding with <The Royal Army> (read if you are applying)

Postby Dimithegreat » Sun Nov 01, 2015 10:40 pm

Raiding with <The Royal Army>

Raiding Team’s Goals/Expectations

We expect players to always do their best & we will always continue to raise the bar. I KNOW FOR A FACT that we have more than just your “average” raiders; you guys can do great things and can have a very nice pace and progress through Mythic difficulty. Our main goal is defeating every Mythic difficulty encounter. We have all seen what we can do as a team, playing together on a consistent basis you guys can kick ass!


1. You WANT to be in the raiding team.
We are NOT forcing you to be in the group. You MUST want it. You understand what it takes for progress and you are ready to do anything necessary to make your group successful and make the time we spend online fun and enjoyable.
Also, being part of the raid team you understand that you are playing with another 20-25 REAL people, not a machine. You understand that your actions (negative or positive) will affect your whole team. This being said, you understand of what is being asked from you as a raiding member of our team (read rest of requirements).

2. High and steady attendance.
We raid 3x nights per week (Wed, Thu and Sun) for 3xhours/night (20:00-23:00 server time). We expect from you to attend ALL three nights. If you have to miss a raid due to work or a real life obligation, you must inform a Raid Leader or an Officer so they can make sure your spot/role is covered for that night. Just declining a raid with no notice to the RL/Officers will be regarded as “I am not interested in raiding” and we will need to fill in your raid spot with someone who wants to be there.

We raid very little hours compared to other guilds, which means stability on attendance from ALL our raiders is extremely important for progressing on a steady pace through raid content. We keep a tight number of raiders so we try to maximize everyone’s raid time and participation; however, that also means that when you “Decline” an invite, you are affecting the whole raiding team’s night. We will be keeping attendance through a spreadsheet for all raiders.

3. Accept/Decline/Tentative – What each one means.
- Accept: I will be there on time and prepared with consumables and knowledge on encounters we are doing.
- Decline: I will not be there. I have notified a Raid Leader or officer with the reason.
- Tentative: I will be there but I will be 5-15 minutes late. I have notified a Raid Leader or an officer.

4. Be on time.
Raid Leaders will always sent out invites 15 minutes before the scheduled start time (in our case 19:45). All raiders are expected to be at the entrance of the raid instance and walk right in after they get their invite. DO NOT ask for summons. Make sure you have enough consumables (Flasks/Pots/Food/Runes etc) for the whole night.

5. Accepting a raid and not showing up.
We will keep this very simple. First time this happens, you will lose 25% of your DKP, Second time you will lose 50% of your total DKP and if this happens for a third time you will be removed from the raiding team.

6. Be prepared.
During progress, spend some time and research your class/role for each encounter. Learn what you can do better to improve your performance and also contribute overall in the fight to defeat the encounter. Do not show up in raids with no idea of what is going on during encounters, only there to smash buttons and hope for the best. If we determine you have no clue about a new encounter you will be asked to step out the first time. Second time this happens, we will remove you from the raid team. We expect from everyone to realize that their performance and readiness affects the whole team. Don’t let us down!

7. Bring the right attitude.
• World of Warcraft is a game! It is there to be enjoyed by those who like the game; raiding for our purposes. During raids HAVE FUN but at the same time be ready to focus and get an encounter down when it is time for it. Once you step your foot in the instance, leave your negativity and bitterness behind. Don’t point fingers on mistakes. Everyone will make a mistake, as long as we don’t repeat the same mistake again and again. Try to encourage and uplift others rather than talking them down. They are part of your team and you want to help them.
• If a Raid Leader makes a comment for improvement of game play either through Discord or through a whisper, DO NOT take it personal and DO NOT take it as a sign that we do not want you in the group. If that was the case, you wouldn’t be there in the first place. We want you to look into what you have been asked to check in order to boost our overall team performance.
• WIPES, there will be TONS OF WIPES… did I mention WIPES? During progress we will see our characters’ faces on the ground a lot. Get used to it! As long as we learn something from every wipe on a new encounter, then it is part of the process to defeating a new encounter. If you don’t understand this part, then probably this is not for you.

Required add-ons
1. Deadly Boss Mods (or similar)

2. Exorsus Raid Tools

3. WeakAuras 2

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