DECLINED - ßoanik hunter

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DECLINED - ßoanik hunter

Postby ssofa » Wed Oct 04, 2017 1:56 pm

druide : ssofa
hunter : ßoanik

hi i am 21 years old and from Denmark

i have played hardcore / simi hardcore in this expansion i have been main balance all the time but the syde it has become boring and therefore would like to play hunter as i feel it's a feder classe
I feel I can help my team pray like hunter with soke and more ... why I'm looking for a new rading guild, my new guild among others can not have more hunters
Besides, there were some problems with the team that I could not even when I wanted one

a guild where you speak nicely to each other but follow thanks and do as it is said, you can always come with posetive feeetback but do not feel people then and listen and only broke down In my early guild I have always been a solid raider and always appeared and been there every time

know i have been bidding on hunter but it's not forid i can not play it just has the puppy and have time in other tinge imen hope you want to see through the finger and give me a trail
since I am a solid raider there comes and does as it is said can come with posetive input and always bother me as I say a go raider does not make the same mistake twice

otherwise good luck with the progress greetings SOFA :)
IM Yousing ELVUI and WA

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Re: ßoanik hunter

Postby Sidonie » Wed Oct 04, 2017 9:14 pm

Hello ßoanik, we discussed your application and we're going to have to decline.

Good luck.

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